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Deer Valley Pine Trees

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Tired of fake looking holiday trees?  Us too.  That's why we are thrilled with these faux Deer Valley pine trees.  

We can not wait to see them decked out in fairy lights and maybe a collection of tiny ornaments.    They are perfect for inside and outside and feature a weighted base wrapped in burlap. 

Available in two sizes: 

  • 36" (3 feet)
  • 48" (4 feet) 

Wondering about the price difference?  We did a double take too.  It seems strange that 12 inches more tree equates to double the price, but the difference visually, and in the overall size of the tree and number of tips, is substantial.  In reality it looks twice as big.  So if you are wondering if the larger tree is worth the added cost, we think yes, it is.